About us

Progbit is an independent design center helping you to convert your idea into your product. We have wide knowledge of electronic design covering all aspects from hardware to embedded systems including processor and FPGAs. Our main focus is implementing advanced functions in FPGAs and ASICs.

ProgBit was founded April 1st 2014 by three experienced designers from Nera/Ceragon and Mikrokrets. We have broad knowledge of radio, modem, telecom, datacom and ultrasound.

There are many potential pitfalls when designing FPGA and ASICs. To avoid these, Progbit has a strong focus on design methodologies. This includes partition of the design, naming conventions, clock domain crossing, state machines, reset methodologies and so on. All this is to avoid design errors that can be so hard to debug.

ProgBit has also focus on making the FPGA code readable and reusable. This includes sensible signal names and heavy commenting in the code. This makes it easy for anyone to take the code and do improvements in the future. Our target is to design the FPGA together with you and improve your knowledge during the design process. Hence you will be able to maintain and further develop the design afterwards.

Our employees have an average experience of more than 25 years. This experience ensures that our design methodology is first class and that your product will be of superior quality.

We are located in Bergen at the West coast of Norway, but have customers from all over the world.